Unit 1 | The Orchestra


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Music Appreciation through Storytelling

Table of Contents

Music Units:

Unit 1 The Orchestra

Sounds Around Us
Lesson 1: The Sounds We Hear
Lesson 2: Surprises!
Lesson 3: Let’s Play
Instrument Families
Lesson 1: String Instruments
Lesson 2: The String Family in the Orchestra
Lesson 3: More Strings
Lesson 1: Woodwinds in the Orchestra
Lesson 2: Peter and the Wolf
Lesson 3: More Woodwinds-Saxophones and Recorders
Lesson 1: The Brass Family
Lesson 2: On a Field Trip
Lesson 3: Brass in Action
Lesson 1: The Percussion
Lesson 2: A Percussion Story
Camille St. Saens’ Carnival of Animals
Lesson 1: The Orchestra, an Animal
Lesson 2: The Book, Page 1
Lesson 3: The Book, Page 2
Lesson 4: The Book, Page 3
Grand Finale Lesson Unit 1
The Curtain Closes
Additional Resource Materials: Children’s Library

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