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Learn Music Through Storytelling

We learn through storytelling. Stories capture our interest and stimulate our imagination. Musication will take your child on adventures in the lives of the great composers and ignite the sparks of inspiration to dream and soar along with the composers’ creations. Below is a description of each series.

Musication Curriculum Series 1 Music Appreciation through Storytelling is an introduction to the wide array of sounds, rhythms, and styles of music heard throughout our daily lives in the sounds around us and through musical instruments. This series includes the inspirational stories of great classic and modern composers and their musical works. Series 1 requires minimal materials and will last throughout the school year or longer, depending on the pace of the student. It is recommended that students begin with Unit 1 The Orchestra as the instruction is sequential and lays a foundation for the following Unit 2 Composers and Their Musical Stories.

Musication Curriculum Series 2 American History through Music—coming soon!

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