Why Should Your Child Learn Music

The results are in—playing a musical instrument or listening to the right kind of music can positively affect brain health and function…improve mood, increase intelligence, enhance learning and concentration, and ward off the effects of brain aging.

Early music instruction encourages the brain’s capacity to change and grow. Studies have shown that the brain of a musician is larger than non-musicians in areas responsible for motor control, auditory processing, and spatial coordination (understanding how things work together).

Children with musical backgrounds do better in subjects like language, reading,and math. These children also have better fine motor skills than their non-musical classmates. I discovered, through my own experience teaching elementary school, that the students’ reading comprehension improved as they learned to read sheet music.

Albert Einstein, Nobel-Prize winning physicist and accomplished violinist with a life-long passion for music, believed that his theory of relativity occurred to him by intuition and that music was a driving force. Warren Buffet, one of the most successful and wealthy investors in the world, stays mentally sharp at 87 by playing the ukulele.

Music listening improves mood, concentration, and motivation, and helps decrease anxiety, anger, stress, and frustration. The familiar tunes, “Whistle While You Work” and “Whistle a happy tune…whenever I am afraid” are actually research-based!

Why Musication Adventure Is the Perfect Vehicle For Your Child To Learn

We learn through storytelling. Stories capture our interest and stimulate our imagination. Musication will take your child on adventures through sound, discovering a wide array of rhythms and musical styles. The lives of great composers will ignite the sparks of inspiration to dream and soar along with the composers’ creations. In this Series 1 Music Appreciation through Storytelling, students are encouraged to write their own stories, poetry, and create their ownworks of art. The students become the artists!


Watch the interview with Cindy below:

Interview with Cindy McKain about Musication, June 2020
In Old Town of Bluffton, SC

Question #1: With all the music programs available, why Musication Adventure?

Cindy: Musication Adventure is all about sharing the joy and love of music with your children who are naturally creative and imaginative, in order to draw out their own talents and gifts by making connections to other subjects.

Question #2: Why you? What sets you apart from others, from other music programs?

Cindy: I teach through storytelling and by playing games and puzzles that challenge these young scholars to think “outside the box.” The musicians featured in the lessons’ videos are children—just like themselves and may think, “Hey, they can do it, so can I” and be inspired and encouraged.


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