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Lesley University, Cambridge, Mass., Beaufort, SC.2009-2011o
Master of Education, Curriculum and Instruction

College of Charleston and USC-Beaufort, Beaufort, SC 1978, 1994o
Earned 18 hours towards Master of Education

Converse College, Spartanburg, SC.1973-1977o
Bachelor of Music Education, Choral


  • Teacher-of-the-Year, awarded 2014-15 school year and 2005-6 school year
  • Certificate for Excellence for Outstanding Performance in the Classroom presented by the president of The South Carolina Education Association, May 2014
  • Recognition letter from the BCSD (Beaufort County School District) School Board for“continued inspirational invocations”, May 2009
  • Letters from BCSD (Beaufort County School District) superintendent and the chair of theBCSD Board of Ed. for the standing ovation received for the choral performance Oct. 2006
  • Co-chaired the BCSD elementary recorder performance at Harbour Town, Hilton HeadIsland, Nov. 2006